After the fall of his hometown Srebrenica, where he lost his father and brothers, Dino settles in Zagreb as a refugee. He works as a street cleaner, and his workplace is the Small square in Uptown Zagreb with a telephone booth, which he often uses to call his only friend Fahro living in Sarajevo. Dino’s life will change with the arrival of Dora, his new flatmate. Dora doesn’t speak too much. She only asks questions. They both soon find out that they share the same painful fate. Is the love between two people who are so similar and yet so different even possible – or did their encounter only serve to make them start searching for their identity? Their search for their identities will include real massacre footage, a gun-fight in a hotel, a police investigator in search of Al Qaida cells in Croatia, and, after all, the question of crime and punishment.

Kreativna de Kultura – Zagreb

Koproducent: Panglas – Sarajevo


Fuad Ahmetasevic … Dinin sin

Mirela Brekalo … Gospodja bez psa

Robert Budak … Istraziteljev pomoncnik

Aman Bukvic … Harun Osmanovic

Amar Bukvic … Dino Osmanovic

Dragan Despot … Istrazitelj

Anja Djurinovic … Barbika

Muhamed Hadzovic … Fahro

Iva Jerkovic … Recepcionerka

Pero Juricic … Starac

Damir Loncar … Rus

Pavle Matusko … Covjek u crnom

Mia Melcher … Arta

Iva Mihalic … Dora Loncar

Sreten Mokrovic … Gogo

Sinisa Popovic … Imam

Mehmed Porca … Glas iz Sarajeva

Vladimir Posavec … Tjelohranitelj

Enes Vejzovic … Stranac


Produced by Amir Bukvić Lejla Ahmetašević Co-Producer Mustafa Mustafic Faris Dobrača Almir Djikoli Executive producer Edib Ahmetašević Aida Bukvić Amar Bukvić Music by Nikša Bratoš Cinematography by Edib Ahmetašević Film Editing by Elvedin Zorlak Art Direction by Miljenko Sekulić Costume Design by Gabrijela Krešić Makeup Department Makeup designer Iva Gašparac Editorial Department Assistant editor Zorana …


Kreativna de kultura – Zagreb, Croatia




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